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From our Farms:  Hatwara

The year was 1932. The world was experiencing the first global recorded economic crisis. Knowing little of his new home, Dr. Howarth (at that point, just a boy) moved to ‘heartbreak’ Hatwara when rainfall was scarce. The woes his family experienced did not lend any room for his parents to foresee the expanse the farm would influence under Kenyan leadership…

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Product Watch: New OOA Chocolates


Chocolate Bars

The Out of Africa chocolate bar is quick, to-go, pocket sized decadent snack that you can eat anywhere. With a delightfully crunchy and tasty macadamia, cashew or cranberry surprise hidden within. Enjoy it anywhere by yourself or break off a piece and share it with your friends, family and kids for a mouthwatering, quick snack filled with all the rich Out of Africa goodness.


Chocolate Pouches


Brought to you in an easy to open, reseal and store vacuum pack, the Out of Africa chocolate covered nuts are the ideal on-the-go snack. Enjoy these crunchy, nutritious macadamia and almonds, coated with finger-licking milk chocolate, in one seating, or reseal the bag and save it to snack on later in the day. These irresistible chocolate pouches are ideal for …

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The Art of Teamwork


I was recently watching a movie, ‘Facing the giants’, and I was greatly inspired. The film relates a losing Christian coach, with an underdog story about American football, who uses his undying faith to battle their giants on and off the field to surprising results. The moral of the film is that teamwork conquers all…

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Our People: Sales Leads


From left to right: Nancy Kawira, Serah Nyambura, Josephine Mary, Sarah Kihumba

1. Q – Describe your leadership journey in a few words.    A – Relationship oriented.
2. Q – What would you tell your 20- old self if you had the chance?   A – Work hard, be transparent, be kind, respect those in ….Read More

1. Q – Describe your leadership journey in a few words.   A – The journey has been tough, requires a lot of patience and hard-work.
2. Q – What would you tell your 20- something old self if you had the chance?   A – To work hard, dream big and to take things seriously…Read More

1. Q – Describe your leadership journey in a few words.   A – A learning curve, an adventure and a fantastic journey of self-development.
2. Q – What would you tell your 20- something year old self if you had the chance?   A – Integrity and kindness will enable them to grow themselves. Build strong relationships…Read More

1. Q – Describe your leadership journey in a few words.   A – An adventure, a learning curve and an exposure to opportunity.
2. Q – What would you tell your 20- something old self if you had the chance?   A – Go for it. Have a positive spirit for what you want to achieve and don’t take no for an answer….Read More

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MD’s Desk

Greetings to my KNC family! Welcome to the 7th issue of The KNC Voice.

We are just winding up our first half of the year, about to begin our review process. Some of us are where we are meant to be and some of us are still struggling to face the challenges of the new year. Let us pull up our bootstraps and look ahead, focus on what we need to achieve. Realistically evaluate where we are and what we need to do to close the gaps and ensure the same is communicated across our teams.

Team work and collaboration is key to our organizational success, we need to understand and apply each of our roles in the contribution of a successful VIP. We need to work together to ensure we are pushing and supporting our colleagues. We need to ensure every decision and process we are a part of ensures the sustainability of our business and those around us. Let us therefore, continue challenging each other to be better and I challenge you to consider the above as we go into the evaluation period next month.

I wish you all a successful Half II.


Did you know?

1. The Sakura Awards are an international wine award that celebrates women wine makers from across the globe. It was started to address the lack of recognition and appreciation extended towards women wine makers in Japan and is now globally recognized as a major award celebrates women wine makers.

Our very own Leleshwa Sweet White wine was among a total of 4,326 wine entries globally for 2018, with only 2 African countries taking part in the competition.

Out of these, only 2,006 wines won an award. This being our very first entry into the competition, it is with much excitement, equal measure of pride and humility, that announce that Leleshwa won a Silver Sakura Award. The only award featured in the region.

A big congratulations to our very own female wine maker Emma Nderitu for soaring such great heights.

Congratulations Emma!

Congratulations Leleshwa! To many more…cheers! index.html news/18/180823_e.html

2. The Agribusiness Excellence Awards 2019, the very first of its kind in Kenya, is an annual event conceptualized to recognize and award exemplary players making great contributions towards the growth and development of East Africa’s Agribusiness Industry.

KNC was awarded two awards in 2019’s awards, for the below categories;   

Beverages – Agribusiness of the Year (Leleshwa wine)   

Beef – Agribusiness of the year (Morendat Beef)

Congratulations to all the teams that contribute, even in the slightest, to making these brands a success. We salute you!

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