Kenya Nut Company


  • Farms

    Kihenia Farm is situated about 10kms from the Thika-Muranga highway towards Kirwara Township. It is about 1500m ASL and receives 950mm of rainfall annually. The farm was acquired in 2003 when the first plants of macadamia were planted. The farm initially produced coffee, which was planted in 1950. The farm is approximately 250 ha.

    Kiboko Farm, located at an altitude of 1460m ASL (above sea level) the farm is 710.69ha and is 20kms east of Thika town, and approximately 67 kms North east of Nairobi. The farm is bordered with Delmonte plantations and was acquired by Kenya Nut in 2004. The farm receives about 1000mm of rainfall annually. The first macadamia planting was done in October 2004.

    Hatwara Farm lies about 6 kms from the centre of Thika town and approximately 50 kms from Nairobi city. The farm borders Kiganda estate, Mihando and Karangaita housing estate. The farm is 241.1 ha out of this 122.31 ha are arable, the first coffee was planted in 1939 and macadamia in 1988. The farm was acquired by Kenya Nut Company in 1975.

    Kiaora Farm is a Moari word from New Zealand, Meaning “Into the Wild”, the name originated from a Mr. Graham William Webb, who acquired the farm a present from the British government. It’s 42 kms North of Nairobi city and 8kms from Juja town along the Juja- gatundu road. The farm stands at an altitude of about 1600m above sea level and receives about 970mm of rainfall annually. The farm is 484.6 ha; the farm was a coffee estate from 1945 till Kenya Nut Company acquired the farm in 1992 when the first plants of macadamia trees were planted. Currently the farm produces 40% of the internal company annual production.