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From our Farms: Kihenia Breakfast Meeting.

Images from the Kihenia breakfast meeting.

The CHRO had promised the Kihenia team breakfast if they hit their August target of 650 metric tons in collection. The team hit the target and surpassed it by the month of August whereby they achieved 654 metric tons in nut collection.



The breakfast meeting was a way of motivating them to pursue their annual nut collection target of 800 metric tons. They eventually achieved 837.7 metric tons in collection and 746.4 metric tons (94.0%) in delivery.



Did you know that Kihenia was rewarded with two awards during end of year 2018?  They were namely Productivity & efficiency awards. The most unique thing about Kihenia Farm is team cohesion.

The Farm has 170 employees on average during peak season and 125 employees on average during off-peak.

Kihenia farm is located in Gatanga Constituency, Mabanda sub-county, Mitumbiri location. It has 158.4 hectares with pure Macadamia orchards. The first crop was harvested in 2003, prior to this, Kihenia farm was a coffee farm.

There are 5 farms in total under crop cultivation in Thika Region; Kiaora-353.3 ha; Kiboko-308 ha; Nando-195 ha; Kihenia-158.4 ha and Hatwara-122.3 ha.

On an overall Basis, Thika Farms had an annual 2018 target of 4500 metric tons. They managed to achieve 4753.5 metric tons in collection tonnage and 4209.5 metric tons in delivery.

In 2019, Thika Farms has a cumulative annual target of 4750 metric tonnes.









Product Watch: Leleshwa Wine Tours

With the much wider goal of launching an enotourism product through Leleshwa Wine Tours, our basic objective was to create consumer connection with the brand and to increase brand and product awareness.

We have all heard the myth, that all Kenyan wines are imported and bottled for distribution. We seek to demystify the process of wine-making in the country and prove that we do, indeed, grow and process our own grapes into (award-winning) international standard wines. Our story is unwaveringly ‘Inspired by Kenya’ and this is precisely why we decided to open our farm gates to our curious customers, to share our passion for the unusual, the true spirit of Kenya.

Every morning of the tour we welcome our visitors; a refined blend of wine enthusiasts and typical adventure seekers from all over the world, to Morendat farm, the adoring home of Leleshwa wines in the heart of Africa’s Great Rift Valley.



Guests arrive at 10:00am and enjoy welcome tea and snacks while they freshen up ready for the tour. Then cross over to our vineyard and take a walk through the beautifully blooming rows of grape vines.

They take in the breath-taking scenery on their way back to the farm, where they enjoy an array of mouthwatering canapes followed by a delicious three course meal. Star of the show? Our very own Premium Aged Morendat Beef as the main course.  What follows is a decadent dessert to please their buds.

All the while enjoying a tasting of Leleshwa variety of wines paired perfectly with each course overlooking the sweeping views of Mt. Longonot. Our guests laugh together, wine, dine, and get the opportunity to buy our wines at discounted rates.

We seek to make this the most sought-after experience in Kenya and showcase a different form or tourism in the Rift valley region and Kenya in general. We hope you, as well as your friends and family join us in 2019 as we continue to tell and build our Inspired by Kenya story. A story of true passion and dedication.


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Holiday Hacks: Tips to surviving JANUARY!

January blues? Post – Christmas blues? Back-to-work blues? Are your pockets blue too? Well, we’re glad to say, you’re not alone.  The beginning of the year usually comes with a cloud of gloom hovering around it.

Don’t let it get you down though, just follow these hacks for a seamless transition into the new year.

  1. PLAN! (To – do list)

Use your To-doist app to create a list of things to get done by the end of the month, and then by the end of the year. It might be a sluggish one, but there’s still a lot to get done! Don’t let the gloom hold you back. Create your own light, set your goals and shine through!

  1. On a budget

Research shows that one in three (30%) people say that they feel pressure to spend more than they can afford over the Christmas period. As a result, surviving financially in the month of January is likely to be a struggle for a good number of us.

Andy Webb of the Money Advice Service says: “… if you are struggling to survive financially this month, now is the time to act. There are simple things you can do to get your finances back on track. You could raise some extra money by clearing out items you don’t want or no longer use, cancel those expensive subscriptions you hardly use and DON’T underestimate how much you waste when you throw food away – plan your meals carefully and use up your leftovers, carry them to work for lunch the next day.

  1. Buy in bulk

Buy food in large quantities as opposed to buying ingredients for every meal. Cook, portion out meals and freeze them to save time and money. Grabbing dinner ‘on the way home’ is more expensive in the long run than you think, in the long run.

The internet is filled with ideas on cheap, easy to do meal preps for less than 100 shillings per meal. Try the Pinterest app on your phone now!

  1. Re-evaluate

This is a good time to sit and reflect (because you can’t afford to go out 😉) and figure out what you need to do this year, to avoid January blues in 2020. We’re planning ahead here. Look at our current services and how much you’re paying for them (internet, gas, phone service).



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From Left to Right: jane, Wilson, Elizabeth

Our People: Long Service Highlights

David Oywoma – 35 years

I joined Kenya Nut in 1983 January and started off as a Tractor Driver in Morendat Farm, Naivasha.I was later transferred to Hatwara in 1999 in the same capacity. I was later promoted to a Lorry Driver and worked in Raw Material Section in 2003 .I ended being transferred again to the Field Operations Department where I have worked until to date.

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Jane Muthoni Wanyoike – 25 years

I joined Kenya Nut in September 1993 and started off a sorter in Raw Kernel. Back then sorting was been done manually in every level as we did not have machinery technology to separate the raw kernel from the Husks. I was later transferred to the Canteen Section in January 2005.In 2017; I was then transferred to the Macadamia Reception where


Read MoreWilson Mugo – 20 Years

I joined Kenya Nut in 1997 January as an office caretaker. Back then the sales office used to be in Mobil Plaza, Muthaiga before being relocated to westlands.It was then that we finally moved to Amazon in Volvo House where to date I am the Office Messenger and Tea Provider.

I am eternally grateful to kenya Nut as it has enabled me to build…

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Elizabeth Onyango – 25 years

My journey in Kenya Nut started off in February 1993 in Kiaora Farm. I used to the House Caretaker for the Farm Manager who used to be called Takis until 2013 when he passed away. It was then that Chairman and Management intervened and decided that I be transferred to Macadamia Factory and be retained in Employment.

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MD’s Desk

MD's Desk

Greetings to my KNC family! Welcome to the 6th issue of The KNC Voice.

This issue marks the end of 2018, its been a fairly successful year with each of us pushing ourselves to ensure achievement of our goals. As we close the year this is the perfect time to reflect. Reflect on our highs and lows. What we did well, let’s keep doing. What we didn’t do well, let’s not let it hold us back. Let’s dust ourselves off and gear up for a great 2019!

I continue to be immensely proud of each of you who have stepped up and taken on the challenges that have helped us grow. Let’s remember good things take time and in the last two years we have seen great progress. So let us continue doing the right thing and doing our part to ensure the KNC family continues to grow and succeed.

Happy holidays and successful 2019!

Did you know?


Rewarding for excellence. Grace Lukendo, our payroll accountant, receiving a gift from CHRO on behalf of her son Hinny Lukendo who scored 435 marks in the recently released KCPE results.

Hinny Lukendo was a student at Stepping stones Academy Thika.

He will be joining Alliance High School.

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