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Issue No 11

The KNC Voice

From our Farms:

Macadamia Curing Plant



Curing in Macadamia is the process where nuts are dried through blowing warm/hot air to achieve required moisture of 2% for cracking.

This Curing plant is the ultra-modern state of the art Macadamia nuts-in-shell drying facility that has been constructed in one of our established orchards. The objective of the plant is to increase our current curing capacity by 300%.

The plant is an embodiment of the commitment of the company in the Macadamia Industry.

Due to the high volumes of intake, the company will be able to procure  more nuts-in-shell from the farmers and within a short time.

The curing plant will be more efficient by reducing turnaround time in curing, reducing power cost and increase our kernels output thereby reducing the cost of production.

Adjusting back to workforce: 



Adapting to new challenges.

  • -Resilience ;This is a set of skills as opposed to a disposition or personality type that make it possible for people not only to get through hard times but to thrive during and after them
  • -Bounce back and survive the unexpected; Tell yourself ,I need to thrive and bounce back better, stronger and smarter.


Things to Check on;

-Impatience; Practice the art of patience, take the steps and not a lift. Never get impatient with yourself.

  • -Ignoring; Breakthrough the slump by addressing it head on.
  • -Being the change you want to see; You need to move forward, accept what has happened without judgement and as fact; spread this to the team.
  • -Intensifying; When so much is coming that is new ,missteps are inevitable and thankfully temporally; you should expect the unexpected.


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From HR Desk.



The HRD division in alignment with our focus on continuous improvement and promoting a culture of transparency collaborated with ICT to develop a one of a kind platform called SIFA  (Staff Interactive Feedback Application). The main function is to encourage staff to interact around various topics anonymously without connecting the responses with particular staff members.
While that forms one of the functions of the platform, it also allows for staff to anonymously share concerns, issues, suggestions and even whistle blow without necessarily exposing their identity. It is for these reasons that we encourage staff to fully interact with the platform and continue providing feedback to us at 


In Our People: ICT Department.




From Top Left to Bottom Right: Stephen Adewole, Joel Rop, Haron Mumuli, Alvin Mwangi, Risper Wahinga and Freddy Mutura.


  1. Tell us a fun fact about yourself. Love singing

    2. What’s your favorite part about working in the KNC ICT department? Innovation & their adoption in KNC operations

    3. Besides yours, what other department in KNC sparks your interest and why? All sections provide sparks in my desire to provide Technological innovations. Our worth in life to live by 


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MD’s Desk



Greetings to my KNC family! Welcome to the 11th issue of The KNC Voice.

We have had an interesting first quarter of the year, which started strong with pointers of recovery both locally and globally. The introduction of Covid19 vaccination options, opening of locked down countries, among other indicators gave hope to economies around the world.
And then came the third wave, that has proved to be deadlier than the rest. Kenya Nut was not spared with a rise in cases from our facilities that we are happy to report have seen no fatalities and we have so far had full recoveries across the board. The prompt response of the CMT, as well as quick action of our staff was a big contributor in this. Something to truly be grateful for.
As we move into the second quarter, our focus remains on business recovery. We continue to lead our teams to ensure we adapt and innovate at a speed that continues to keep us strong but does not compromise the values we continue to hold close. We will continue to move forward with integrity, sense of family, care for our customers and for our environment as we ensure recovery and growth of our business.
I continue to hold my KNC family close and pray for all your families. Let us continue to remain vigilant – hand wash, sanitize, wear a mask, social distance and Keep safe!





NEW: Nutfields R/U 250G.





In a bid to offer our consumers a more manageable pack size, and to streamline the look of the packaging across all SKUs, we have transitioned from the foil pack 500g Nutfileds R/U to 250g of the same.

Note that this is not a new product, but a replacement of what we already have to a more smaller, more recognizable pack.

The pack is labelled “UNSALTED” in a bubble on the package that will help consumers identify it and differentiate from our other products in the same range.

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