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From Our Farms:Macadamia Processing

Raw macadamia nuts are sourced from both farms and fields. Farms are the company orchards that includes Kiboko, Kiaora, Nando, Hatwara and Kihenia. Field nuts are sourced from out growers and are sourced from among others Embu, Thika, Muranga, Meru, Karatina, and Western among others.

The nuts are weighed upon receipt and quality inspection is done, to check on the nature of nuts including; insect damaged nuts, the extent of molding and moisture content. The nuts are then put into the nut shed bins where the process of curing begins. This is done in three stages; primary, secondary and final curing.

Moisture content checks are done in stages to ensure the kernel parameters do not change and are desirable to the customers. Primary curing takes a period of between a week and two ensuring, secondary curing takes less than a week whereas the final curing can be achieved within a week.

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Product Watch: Out of Africa Coffee

In this issue we will look at our coffee products and how they make us feel calm and give us the feeling of being at home because of the unique blend that just heightens our taste buds.

As a company we offer different coffee variants which allows you to choose depending on your mood and individual preference.






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Digital Watch: Personal Productivity Apps

In this segment, we recommend tools to help improve your personal productivity. Here are the top 4 apps to help you realize more goals, more efficiently, in less time.

Productivity tools have a compounding effect on our lives, like the flywheel effect. Jim Collins in his book Good to Great says, “No matter how dramatic the end result, good-to-great transformations never happen in one fell swoop.” No one killer strategy or single brilliant discovery will turn a business or person in to an overnight success. Rather, a combination of resilience and calculated strategy, executed over a long period of time. “…the process resembles relentlessly pushing a giant, heavy flywheel, turn upon turn, building momentum until a point of breakthrough, and beyond.” Here are some tools to grease your wheel. Download them from your Playstore or Appstore, for free and get productive, today.

  1. Todoist (for Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac)





This app tracks your tasks as you check them off, then shows how productive you’ve been today and this week—and if you’re improving or not. Just add and organize tasks as quickly as you tick them off once done and see how yourself accomplish your goals one by one.

  1. Slack (for Web, Android, iOS)

They say team work makes the dream work, but as our CHRO says, we must go a step higher, we must collaborate to make to make our even bigger visions come to life. Slack is just the tool for that. It is a collaboration hub to help you get you through your projects seamlessly. From channeled conversations to in-built voice and video calls and live online screen sharing as well as the most efficient project management tools you will ever need, Slack is your ideal collaborative partner.


Health & Fitness Watch: Body,Mind,Soul

Zachaeus Muli – Cashew Factory Manager

FUN FACT: I love farming. Like watching SMART FARM aired on CITIZEN TV.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Power blackout while watching a thrilling movie.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT KNC: Freedom to work and achieve my set objectives irrespective.

  1. Sammy Mello – Macadamia Factory Manager

FUN FACT: I like travelling and visiting new places as long as no heights involved!

GUILTY PLEASURE: Running around with the little ones before they are too old…and of course late night catching a game of football or rugby.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT KNC: An amazing place; lots of room for growth and the respect for diversity. No matter your background, we are one family!

  1. Emma Nderitu – Winery Manager

FUN FACT: I have attempted FOREX trading, did not go well, will go back soon.
GUILTY PLEASURE: Binge-watching. This one I need to kill!
WHAT I LIKE ABOUT KNC: The unwritten promise to grow as Kenya Nut grows!

  1. Ceasar Mutuku – Abattoir and Processing Manager

FUN FACT: I love gardening
GUILTY PLEASURE: I love buying shoes I could spend a fortune to get a good shoe.
WHAT I LIKE ABOUT KNC: The people are amazing. It’s such a fun place to work and it allows me to think out of the box while exploring different avenues. I am not restricted to one work place, which gives me room to grow in different avenues.

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MD’s Desk

MD's Desk

Greetings to my KNC family! Welcome to the 5th issue of The KNC Voice.

We are at the tail end of the year and as such it’s a very exciting and anxious period as we rush to the finish line of the goals we set at the beginning of the year. Some of us have done good, others have done great and there are those that are still grasping for their place.

Let’s work with our teams to keep doing that which has given us greatness and grow it. This last quarter sets the platform for the next year. Let us not forget we are continuously growing and working towards our vision “To be the brand of choice in Africa”. I look forward to closing a fruitful year and celebrating together our successes


Did you know?

Brand exposure in a music video has the potential to far outreach what can be secured through a product placement on TV or even in a movie, owing to the possibility of international impact. Music brings together generations and transcends geographical, cultural, and even language barriers unlike any other medium. Consumers see brands in music videos – often subconsciously, and thanks to the digital universe, they can watch it from their phones or computers at any time, from anywhere in in the world, unlike traditional advertising.

This is why we partnered with local gifted artist Atemi, to release her latest single “Romantic”, featuring our amazing Leleshwa wines, setting the perfect mood for Romance, inspired, of course, , by Kenya. Watch is here:

Below: KNC sales team at the official launch of Leleshwa, Atemi’s “Romantic” at the Shifteye Gallery.






Image courtesy of Mbarathi


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