Kenya Nut Company

From our Farms: The History of the Kernel

History is full of gems…gems that inform our day-to-day activities, and gems that set the stage for our most significant lessons. We look back to over a century ago to the discovery of a most precious plant- a gem that drives what we do every day as a Company. The rich soils and favourable climate of Kiambu County have continued to yield growing orchards of Macadamia trees that produce this hard, yet delicate nut, whose existence is only revealed when the husk is cracked open using a vice.

Our farmers took this tree to their hearts and began to propagate it. Our first orchard was established in Nando Farm, consisting of 28,884 trees planted in the 20th century. It remains one of the major producers of the Macadamia nuts followed by Hatwara, Kihenia, Kiaora and Kiboko Farms. With time, hybrid varieties of the plant have been grown through grafting, resulting in breeds such as Murang’a 20, Kirinyaga 15 and Embu 1; not forgetting Kiambu 3 which was the first variety to be introduced in our farms.

Harvesting the nuts from these varieties has been made easier by use of the Monchiero 2095- a self- propelled, modern piece of machinery that has made the harvest process more efficient, especially because our nuts drop during the wet season.

With every passing day, we continue to utilise this gem to meet the growing local and international demand for our Macadamia nuts.

Product Watch: A Chocolate & Wine affair

It’s been said that life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get…and who doesn’t love chocolate! When it comes to a box of Out of Africa chocolates, you get to choose from three options, depending on what brings pleasure to your mouth: white chocolate, milk Chocolate or dark chocolate- with a special secret right at the centre- a beautifully-roasted kernel of Macadamia. what more can we ask for? So many delicious flavours in one box!

Pair your box of chocolates with a bottle of Leleshwa Wine and you’ll have created an amazing experience. The marriage of the two will be like having a flawless performance, a symphony, an ebullient salsa party. Leleshwa comes as a fine selection of 4 varieties: Merlot Shiraz (dry red), Sweet Red, Leleshwa Rosé and the Sauvignon Blanc. Depending on the occasion, mood, or your personal preference, you can never go wrong with any selection. What you’ll get is finesse; a rich, elegant balance of several components that contribute to the richness of the Leleshwa taste.

Take this to another level and complement your dinner with a glass of wine; or sip wine with your girlfriends at an afternoon brunch. Leleshwa is also perfect for those moments when you just feel like chilling at home, reading a book or watching that TV series, movie or comedy that makes you feel good.

These two products will satisfy your sweet tooth and enrich your taste buds while leaving you with a generous taste in your mouth and a feeling of fullness. Whether you are purchasing the chocolate or wine as a personal treat, for your family or that loved one you would like to please, you will surely manage to achieve the intended effect.

Performance Watch: The Art of a High Performance Culture

The success of any team always comes down to one thing: the level of their performance. In a time when global business is becoming increasingly competitive, what defines the individual or organisation that stands out is how well they’ve performed. Closer home, we have continued to witness and participate in a wave of change whose effects we’re starting to reap. Throughout 2016 and 2017 (to-date), the HR Department has executed its chief mandate- driving the performance of the Company- through implementation of a new performance tool, and walking with you, our customers, in understanding and using this tool.

Sustaining a high performance culture is the responsibility of every member of KNC; we can either ride the wave, or be swept away by it. Each of us needs to take stock of where we are as we progress through the second half of this year; go back to your PP-KRA: have you attained what you had set out to achieve? Hold relevant discussions with your line managers- What’s working? What’s not working? What needs to change? How will you change it? Challenging questions, but not insurmountable.

As always, we are here to offer you support and to assist you in tracking your performance. Our achievements as an organisation can only be realised through the combined efforts of each on of us.

Our People: Meet the team behind the KNC voice

Wairimu Kimani

Fun fact: ‘Shawshank Redemption’ is my all-time favourite movie, I might have watched it close to 100 times by now 🙂

Guilty pleasure: A Good Wine & Steak, can enjoy this anytime with anyone, under any circumstances…. Ohh and online shopping!

I just love the call when the boda boda guy is asking for directions to make my delivery 🙂

Something I love about KNC: The fact that we create local brands with global standards. We have always, from inception, charted new waters and set a high benchmark in terms of quality and standards, that is something that I take a lot of pride in and that inspires me to know that we can dream bigger and be bigger! And that one persons dream and vision can impact so many lives. As our Chairman always says dream big and reach for the sky, you might end up catching a star.

Wanjiru Gathua

Fun fact: Favorite Movies, “Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Movies” – I love the weird and unnatural, Am amazed by the creative ability of the writers and in another life I think I would be an elf, a hobbit or a mutation of both.

I love dancing and just getting lost in the rhythm, great way to distress.

Guilty pleasure: Watching E entertainment, The Kardashians especially; Red velvet cake with ice cream and yoghurt on top.

Something I love about KNC: I love the diversity of the products produced by KNC, shows the lack of limitation in the business world. I love how the departments depend on each other to accomplish their intended tasks and fulfill the company objectives as one.

Alex Mwaura

Fun Fact: I am a free spirit, a broad reader, an avid Manchester United fan…

Guilty Pleasure: Never imagined a world without football, series & good books (current read: Mental Independence-Dr Wale Akinyemi)

What I like about Kenya Nut is the amount of hands-on experience it enriches you with…I’ve been here for a very short span…Experience acquired invaluable!!!

Jackie Chele

Fun fact: I am flat-footed (I don’t have the arch in my feet that most people have)

Guilty pleasure: dark chocolate…and a double cappuccino

Something I love about KNC: The opportunity for growth…I keep saying, If you want to grow, come to KNC. You will be stretched beyond what you expected, but my….the growth you’ll experience…priceless!

Derrick Magunamu

Fun fact: A little wine intake cuts your chances of cardiac arrest, but one glass is never enough!! Can’t help it. Guess I stay healthy all along…Snails have 14000 teeth and some can even kill you!

Guilty pleasure: Sleeping late without being interrupted

Something I love about KNC: the taste of magic in Out of Africa tea awakens my spirits; It’s always a single mug before I sleep but guess its tending to be an addiction.

(I love KNC, I love out of Africa tea)