Kenya Nut Company

Our People: Import and Export office


1. Candice Pereira – Imports Officer
A fun fact about me: I proud myself as being am a very principled person.

My guilty pleasure: I just love samosas – any samosa, even the waru samomas!! Also, the TV show Friends is a must-watch.

Something I love about KNC: The people here are so kind. The support they are willing to selfishly offer when one of them is in need, is so encouraging.

2. Anne Kimani – Export Officer
A fun fact about me: Everyone that knows me knows that I love singing. I can actually sing 3 three different vocal ranges: soprano, alto and tenor.

My guilty pleasure: Ice cream and chocolate are my go-to when I want to indulge.

Something I love about KNC: The working culture is quite commendable. Also, the sense of family that runs across the whole company is just heart warming.

3. Wilson Ngugi – Import and Export Assistant
A fun fact about me: I’m a Spontaneous Idealist. I love humor and creative expression.

My guilty pleasure: 2 words. Smokie pasua!!

Secondly is TV series. We happen to live in the golden age of television, more-so, the elite era of on-demand TV. I don’t know how we survived without it all these years. Money Heist, Seal Team and Condor just to name a few.

Something I love about KNC: The high-performance work culture is astounding. I always feel driven to do better.