Kenya Nut Company

Performance Watch: The Art of a High Performance Culture

The success of any team always comes down to one thing: the level of their performance. In a time when global business is becoming increasingly competitive, what defines the individual or organisation that stands out is how well they’ve performed. Closer home, we have continued to witness and participate in a wave of change whose effects we’re starting to reap. Throughout 2016 and 2017 (to-date), the HR Department has executed its chief mandate- driving the performance of the Company- through implementation of a new performance tool, and walking with you, our customers, in understanding and using this tool.

Sustaining a high performance culture is the responsibility of every member of KNC; we can either ride the wave, or be swept away by it. Each of us needs to take stock of where we are as we progress through the second half of this year; go back to your PP-KRA: have you attained what you had set out to achieve? Hold relevant discussions with your line managers- What’s working? What’s not working? What needs to change? How will you change it? Challenging questions, but not insurmountable.

As always, we are here to offer you support and to assist you in tracking your performance. Our achievements as an organisation can only be realised through the combined efforts of each on of us.