Kenya Nut Company
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    Out of Africa is one of the most popular brands in Africa. Out of Africa is one of the leading producers of nuts, tea, chocolates and coffee in East Africa. Using sustainable agriculture methods, we produce roasted coffee, green coffee, chocolate, tea & oils. Coffee is available in ground and bean and is organic with full traceability. View our full range of Out of Africa Products

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    Nutfields range of nuts provides you with remarkable quality of nuts affordably, conveniently packed to satisfy your delectable taste buds. Our tea is selectively handpicked from the Aberdares, produced from selected gardens for quality, consistency and traceability & then packed under the most stringent conditions, ensuring quality and safety. Aberdare Tea is as refreshing as the scenic ridges where it is grown. View our complete range of Nutfields brands

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    Savour the flavor of our unique range of Nassu crunchy snacks that are guaranteed to leave you asking for more. Available in conveniently packed sizes, you’ll need this travel companion every time you hit the road. View our full range of Nassu brands.

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    Our journey began north of the fresh waters of Lake Naivasha, in the fabled Great Rift Valley. With decades of experience from their professions, Morendat’s expert team of livestock farmers, butchers and chefs began by specially crossbreeding steers from a thorough selection of Black Angus, local Boran, Charolais cattle and Simmental, as the genesis of creating the most superior beef.

    At the farm, our cattle are feedlot reared and nourished with an especially rich assortment of choice grains and the mineral-rich clear waters of the Great Rift Valley, resulting in Morendat’s signature marbled, tender and flavoursome beef.

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    Leleshwa wines capture the essence of the untamed Kenyan spirit. It’s the creative element that drives us, binds us, and unites us. As Kenyans, we continually seek opportunities to express ourselves beautifully, naturally, artistically. We found a way to nurture this irrepressible essence and put it in a bottle. View our full rage of leleshwa brands